Exterior Bodegas Ilurce

From 1940 until 2010 we were working in our old winery, located in Avenida Logroño (Alfaro) . In 2010 we built a new winery with facilities to develop new projects and capacity to expand our wines to new countries.

During the production, we put the wine it inside inox tank and cement tank. Depending on the different parts of the process, we use one or the others. For example, in winter we use cement deposits, as long as they keep the wine warmer and that helps bacteria to start malolactic fermentation. In these tanks we have some sensors that give us information about the chemical properties of the wine, special REDOX potential. It is very important to work at a precise level to avoid some of chemical reactions (mainly reduction-oxidation reactions) that may ruin the wine. It is also very important to make a lot of laboratory tests in order to control the chemical properties of the wine.