Ilurce Graciano Rioja Wine

Graciano Grape

Wine made using 100% graciano grape from our own 20 years old graciano terroirs located in the slopes of Monte Yerga.

Graciano is a very special variety, and produce very special wines. As usual graciano was used for blend with tempranillo or garnacha and it has been rarely used on its own. This variety produce high-quality wines with deep colour, singular aroma and perfect structure. It is a modern Rioja wine, completely different than classic wine.

Ilurce Graciano Rioja wine

Ilurce Graciano Rioja wine

The treatment of select grapes is carefully during the production, with a strict fermentation temperature control (28 ºC) pump overs and a macerating property to obtain the best of grapes, getting the best organoleptic features.
After fermentation, the new wine is racked into oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and the beginning of the ageing process. Using american and romanian oak. This process finish with necessary months in bottle.

Deep ruby colour with purple edgings. Wild fruit flavours abound, intense and concentrated with plenty of tannin. Silky taste, excellent balance and long finish. Nose elegant and original.

Cooked or roasted meat, Italian food(rissoto, some pastes), spicy food.